Jubilee Coffee

Jubilee coffee at Fresh and Wild (Wholefoods), the new giant and shiny version in Piccadilly Circus. Fresh and Wild is one of our favourite haunts in town, where I like nothing better than to spend many tens of pounds on fairly ordinary vegetables and tofu based products.

A new branch has opened in Piccadilly, just by the tube and next to a new UGG store (which is just weird). It is spacious, has a wider range of takeout or eat in hot and cold food and a bakery section. When we were there during the Jubilee there was a 1950s style band playing, which was jolly but a little loud as we were politely nibbling at our sandwiches. If you have a bit of a food fetish and enjoy ogling nicely stacked items most of which you will never buy, then it is the perfect place. They have samples to try and a largish cheese counter as well as gluten free stuff if you are so inclined.

Top Tip: Ask for an extra shot in the coffee.