Coffee Geekery

042 So this is a strange post, today we happened across a coffee bar inside a bar (bar at night coffee shop by day) which I think was called Pop Up, mainly because it probably is a pop up. It is opposite the Milk Bar on Bateman street and is fantastic. The coffee is that licorishy, small bubbled, anitpodean brew that I love (£2.50 for a flat white). There is cofee geekery text on the back of the menu and young dudes with excessive and well groomed facial hair make coffee and brunch. The menu is short: scrambled egg sandwich (£2.50) with extras, carrot cake, porridge and one other item which I have forgotten.  The egg sandwich was eggy, salty and buttery and served in crusty, toasted bloomer; what more could you want? The tables are copper topped and small, big enough to perch  cocktail or a beer on for its night time incarnation. Oh, and the vending machine in the men’s loos sells, condoms, mints, anti perspirant and gaviscon.

I can’t post a link to anywhere as I can’t find it  in Google land.


Fleet River Bakery

The Fleet River Bakery is a lunch spot behind Holborn station. We went there yesterday for lunch and I have to start by saying that I had the best Latte I have had in a loooong time (see picture), beautifully strong Monmouth coffee and not too much milk. We then had an artichoke and salad wrap and shared a piece of carrot cake. There were other vegetarian options including a cheese roll, quiche, torilla and sweet potato soup. The wrap was extremely crisp and fresh and the bread was a proper home made flat bread not a spongy, claggy tortilla (which I don’t like much). The carrot cake was moist and with proper cream cheese frosting. The service was efficient and friendly and the customers were plentiful and looked happy. There was a large lunchtime queue forming when we arrived and it was dealt with speedily and with good humour. Our lunch came to £15.00.

The Fleet River Bakery looks like a cosy, homespun sort of place but in reality it is a pretty large operation with two downstairs rooms as well as the upstairs cafe area with window bench seating and a couple of outside tables. This is quite an achievement and one which the staff at the Market Coffee House in Spitalfields would do well to study.

The Fleet River Bakery is open 7.00-6.00 Monday to Friday and on Saturday 9.00 – 4.00.
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