The Delaunay

This is a very late posting and I didn’t take a single photograph. So here is a photo of an egg as I ate an egg dish. We took my mother and step father to The Delaunay  as a thank you for an extravagant family Christmas in Norfolk. There had been a lot of twitter (and witter) written about it already, some of the established food critics liking it and the food bloggerati pretty much unanimously disliking it.

The criticism seemed to be mainly that it was a posh restaurant with white tablecloths, didn’t specialise in ribs or dogs or burgers and took reservations. But perhaps I am trivializing it. Oh, and there was much discussion on whether you would be given a good table if you weren’t a celebrity.

I booked a table for four and yes you had a two hour time limit which I hate, but that hate is not reserved especially for The Dealunay but for all restaurants these days as they all seem to do it. The waiting staff let us sit there for almost three hours before whispering in my ear that there were in fact people waiting. The late shift crowd did look quantitatively different, more sort of botoxy and wearing dresses with not much holding them up and a lot of heel.

One of the main reasons that I chose The Delaunay, apart from the white table cloths and the nice wooden, old European feel of the room, was that it had an extensive vegetarian menu. something lacking from the trendier, blogger friendly restaurants. No, the food was not adventurous, my mother had Schnitzel, Joff had something with mushrooms on, my stepfather had omelette Arnold Bennett followed by a cheese savoury and I had a herb omelette and chips. We also had ice cream and Joff had an apple strudel and I can’t remember what we had for starters but I know that we ate a lot. The wines were not too extortionate and came in a glass, a carafe and a bottle. I do like it when restaurants sell carafes of wine, I had white with my mother Joff had red and my stepfather had beer.

The omelette was the best I have ever had and my mother loved the schnitzel, in fact everybody loved everything. It is comfort food but they cater well for vegetarians, it is the perfect place to take your mother, it wasn’t ruinously expensive, the service was fantastic and we all left feeling happily full, wine flushed and very happy. Yes, it is conservative and not even remotely edgy but sometimes that is just what you want and a smart restaurant where I don’t have to eat rissotto and where Joff and I can eat different things is always going to be a winner.