We have just returned from a (very) small Island in Scotland, surrounded by impressive scenery, actual wildlife (cuckoos that sound just like cuckoos – if you see what I mean), plush accommodation and all very middle of nowhereish. Lovely. However it means two things: one, I am unable to write about the usual hanging around town things as I saw no one except family (and that is a whole other blog in itself) and did very little except walk and lounge, and two that although I had a fantastic time, I did in fact sigh a little sigh of relief when we arrived back amongst the concrete and the shops.

Also I have lost my phone to computer cable and can’t transfer pictures which means that the visual aspect of this will be a lot less interesting until I find it.


Going to Borough Market

is very crowded and also very expensive but somehow it doesn’t seem to matter if you pay £7 for dried figs, you can convince yourself they are the best dried figs you have ever eaten, and perhaps they are. The food all looks delicious as you glimpse it through the throng and there are so many free samples you can almost cobble together a free lunch, starter, main course and a variety of desserts, albeit all in tiny morsels. Best days, ie more food and more people, are Friday and Saturday, still going strong at 4pm.