Hummus Galore

Hummus Brothers is, unsurprisingly, a Hummus restaurant/cafe run by two brothers. I remember it opening on Wardour street and thinking, although I adore hummus, that it would never last, the menu would be too limiting and you can just buy a tub from the supermarket surely. How wrong I was. They have just opened their second branch in Holborn and deliver across the west end. I have passed it many times and it is always busy so last Saturday, after visiting Bar Italia, we decided to try it out, although it had clearly already proved itself a success.

It is a concept restaurant in so much as you chose a bowl, small or large, choose a topping to go on the hummus and a side dish if you want one. This is all explained by a cheerful waitress and service generally is quick and friendly. I had cherry tomatoes, onion and cucumber salad as a topping and Joff had tabbouleh and a hard boiled egg. The egg was an extremely strange colour but this didn’t deter him and we both tucked in. It was good. And filling. The hummus was a nice consistency and you could taste the tahini, garlic and lemon sauce is served on the side for those who are squeamish about such things. It makes a decent alternative to a sandwich and would make a good, quick dinner before a film or show. You can add more sides to make it more substantial or go for a bigger bowl. It cost about £15 for two with two large glasses of apple juice. It is more or less opposite Just Falafs and has mostly shared seating but with more of a restaurant feel than the falafel bar.

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