Eggs in Vienna

These are some boiled eggs we ate for lunch in Vienna. We tend to over rely on eggs for lunch when we are away, particularly if propelled into a hunger panic due to cold weather, unfamiliarity with good, vegetarian friendly,¬†lunch spots and a reluctance to eat a large schnitzel. Although, as Joff says, who would ever find out…


The Table

The Table is a cafe at the bottom of an architects office on Southwark street (just behind The Tate), so as you would expect it is all clean lines and natural wood. The food has all the usual credentials, locallly sourced organic etc, which are now less likely to make a place remarkable. However the food here is good, very good in fact.

I know it will come as no surprise when I say that we go there to have eggs. This could mean that we have a monotonous diet or that eggs are a good benchmark with which to measure most restuarants, take your pick. Anyway we had eggs. So far I have had fried and scrambled and Joff has had poached and scrambled. All were excellent, the yokes runny in the fried eggs and the scrambled were perfectly creamy but not too runny. The bread, from an award winning bakery, is sliced thickly and seemingly toasted on a griddle pan which gives it a smoky, almost burnt flavour. Lovely. The ccoffee is good and the service friendly. As far as puddings go I have only had a slice of banana bread which had a toffee ish consistency and was much nicer than it looked.

The eggs cost ¬£4 and the coffee is how much it usually costs in this type of place, which means I have forgotten but it didn’t make me shout so it can’t have been a lot. They are open 7 – 5 weekdays and 9 – 3 on weekends.

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