Eat and Two Veg – sadly now closed

Eat and Two Veg is a vegetarian diner in Marylebone High Street, with the emphasis on diner. It is the diner styling of the restaurant that makes it so appealing. Most vegetarian restaurants, at least until recently, have either been cramped cafe style affairs for lunch or a hasty dinner, or pared down, austere temples to health that aren’t that much fun. Eat and Two Veg is a proper restaurant with red leather (or perhaps leather ‘style’) booths, spacious seating and good, friendly service. The food does tend towards vegetarian versions of meat dishes, such as schnitzel, sausage and mash and burgers, which I know will put some people off. However it is perfectly good, if not high end, food and the vegetables themselves are fresh and nicely presented. The burgers are tasty, the chips crispy and my husband has enjoyed a range of ‘fake’ favourites such as hotpot and schnitzel and mash with watercress sauce. I know there is an argument against imitating meat dishes in vegetarian cooking but there is something comforting for a vegetarian in knowing you can choose anything from the menu and be served, good, nicely cooked food in relaxing and enjoyable surroundings. It may not sound like a lot to ask but it makes a welcome change to risotto or earnestly served bean salad and quiche.

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