Cafe Koha

Cafe Koha is a wine bar and restaurant in the centre of London, st. Martin’s court just behind Leicester square. I have been going there for years now but recently it has had a refit and now is more spacious and better designed, you no longer have to walk sideways to avoid bumping into tables.

It is a rare find in Soho as it is not a chain, not a pseudo club, not frighteningly crowded and they do not force you to eat if you don’t want to. The wine list is good, the waiters friendly and if you find yourself getting peckish as you linger over your wine you may fancy the meditteranean platter at £6.95. Not enough for a meal but enough to take the edge off. The food on the rest of the menu is good but not spectacular, but that is not really the point. The point, as I see it, is that Koha is a refuge in Soho, a good meeting place, good for a glass or two before or after shopping, theatre or a film.It is calm, classy and welcoming, and you can’t say that about most of the places around Leicester square tube station.



Tonight we had groats made from oats. It was a risky shopping choice but we were feeling adventurous and it paid off. Joff cooked them while I occassionally tried to boss him around. He ignored me and the groats were really nice, cooked in water and with onions added they were soft on the outside but with a bit of bite, very comforting. Like barley but nicer. Anyway we had them with tofu burgery things, peas, broccoli, spring onions, red onion and a cucumber and sprout salad. Very vegtastic and I realise not everyone’s cup of tea but it was delicious and meant that here was room for plum crumble afterwards…perfect.