Coffee Geekery

042 So this is a strange post, today we happened across a coffee bar inside a bar (bar at night coffee shop by day) which I think was called Pop Up, mainly because it probably is a pop up. It is opposite the Milk Bar on Bateman street and is fantastic. The coffee is that licorishy, small bubbled, anitpodean brew that I love (£2.50 for a flat white). There is cofee geekery text on the back of the menu and young dudes with excessive and well groomed facial hair make coffee and brunch. The menu is short: scrambled egg sandwich (£2.50) with extras, carrot cake, porridge and one other item which I have forgotten.  The egg sandwich was eggy, salty and buttery and served in crusty, toasted bloomer; what more could you want? The tables are copper topped and small, big enough to perch  cocktail or a beer on for its night time incarnation. Oh, and the vending machine in the men’s loos sells, condoms, mints, anti perspirant and gaviscon.

I can’t post a link to anywhere as I can’t find it  in Google land.


El Vergel

A picture of Halva at El Vergel, a Latin American cafe/restuarant in Webber Street, Southwark. The cake is lovely although not actually the halva that I know of old. This one is a cake with nuts and drenched in honey. The cafe is good with a wide range of food, from sandwiches to full meals, including tortillas and eggs with Salsa and chorizo. They also have plenty of vegetarian options. The service is a little random but if you can let go of any impatience you may bring in with you it is a great place and reasonably priced.
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Bea’s of Bloomsbury

Bea’s of Bloomsbury is a tea shop and cafe in Holborn serving beautifully turned out cakes, afternoon tea and lunchtime sundries. They pride themselves on being ‘green’, composting waste and using locally sourced food including Square Mile coffee which is presumably from the city of London and is unquestionably delicious. My latte was strong and liquoricey and served in a little glass which I like becuase you can immediately see if it is too milky; it wasn’t.

Bea’s is dominated by the large kitchen, given over to baking, at the back and as a result it lacks a little in atmosphere. I do like being able to see kitchen action and it is reassuing to see them baking the bread and cakes but somehow it is almost too dominant and the grey decor doeasn’t help with cosiness, or the lack of it. However the cakes are wonderful, I had a sticky cup cake with buttercream icing and pears poached in brandy and it was excellent, a grown up cake with the pears balancing the icing perfectly.

 On weekends they do a limited lunch menu as they concentrate mostly on afternoon tea, but we had three mini baguettes for £3 (3 each that is) and they were indeed mini. You can choose from a selection and we had courgette and hummus and mozarella, tomato and pesto. The bread was wonderfully chewy and the filling tasty. It is not quite enough for lunch which leaves plenty of room for cake but if you have a fairly healthy appetitie you might need 3 plates full for 2 people.

Our lunch cost £15 for 2 coffees, 2 baguette plates and 2 cakes. I would probably go back but personally think that the Fleet River Bakery, also in the area, has a better atmosphere and does equally good coffeee, although perhaps comes second in the cake department.
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Sticky Toffee Pudding

I thought I would post this picture of a pudding I had at Village East (previously reviewed so I won’t go into it again) as it was a thing of beauty and I wanted to share it. The pudding was sticky toffee and date with vanilla ice cream. It was unbelievably delicious, the dates adding a sort of dark richness that prevented it from becoming too sickly sweet (although I actually do enjoy a bit of sickly sweet).
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Fleet River Bakery

The Fleet River Bakery is a lunch spot behind Holborn station. We went there yesterday for lunch and I have to start by saying that I had the best Latte I have had in a loooong time (see picture), beautifully strong Monmouth coffee and not too much milk. We then had an artichoke and salad wrap and shared a piece of carrot cake. There were other vegetarian options including a cheese roll, quiche, torilla and sweet potato soup. The wrap was extremely crisp and fresh and the bread was a proper home made flat bread not a spongy, claggy tortilla (which I don’t like much). The carrot cake was moist and with proper cream cheese frosting. The service was efficient and friendly and the customers were plentiful and looked happy. There was a large lunchtime queue forming when we arrived and it was dealt with speedily and with good humour. Our lunch came to £15.00.

The Fleet River Bakery looks like a cosy, homespun sort of place but in reality it is a pretty large operation with two downstairs rooms as well as the upstairs cafe area with window bench seating and a couple of outside tables. This is quite an achievement and one which the staff at the Market Coffee House in Spitalfields would do well to study.

The Fleet River Bakery is open 7.00-6.00 Monday to Friday and on Saturday 9.00 – 4.00.
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Hummingbird Bakery

The Hummingbird Bakery is an American import, a boutique style cup cake shop come cafe which has 3 branches in London. The shop sells cup cakes, slices of cakes, pies and something called Whoopie Pies which I haven’t yet tasted. It is kitted out to appeal to the customer’s feminine side, all pinks and reds with bar style stools set up against a dark wooden ledge for three quarters of the shop and a couple of bijou tables and chairs in one corner.  It seems to be part of a New york theme setting up in Soho recently consisting of restaurants centring around a single food stuff – noodles, pizza, cup cakes, frozen yoghut etc.

We went to the Wardour Street branch in a sort of hit and run moment. We had eaten lunch somewhere else, I can’t remember where, but still had a cake shaped hole to fill. I have wanted to go there for a while, the deep pink and velvety decor drawing me in several times just to look at the shiny pretty cakes. This time I stepped in and Joff actually followed, in what seemed like a couple of seconds we had ordered a cup cake each, he had Carrot and I had Red Velvet. A cup cake, for those who don’t know is primarily about the icing, of which there is a lot. The icing was predictably sickly sweet but deeply delicious, the red velevet cake itself was actually pretty good too, managing to hold a nice vanilla flavour of it’s own and remain pretty moist. I loved mine and Joff ate almost every morsel of his before saying it was too sweet, which I knew he was going to say but thought it would happen sooner. Anyway we both left happy and would both return. The cup cakes cost from £1.75 to £2.25 each.
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