The Four Corners Cafe

WP_000673The Four Corners Café on Lower Marsh is a new addition to this street just behind Waterloo that has managed, against the odds, to preserve its independent character. The café serves Ozone coffee and sells loaves of Balthazar bread as well as sandwiches, salads, cakes and pastries. As it name suggests there is travel theme, although it took me a little while to detect it, but maybe I’m just slow. The service was friendly and the coffee good, with the requisite small bubbles and liquorish taste. There was not a huge range of sandwiches on a Saturday but the cheese and salad, which we had toasted, was freshly made, crispy and cheesy, which is all that it can be really. the pastries look good but we didn’t actually eat any and a small selection of cakes, mostly brownies form memory again looked good is a little limited in range.

The place had a nice, local buzz and there is a groovy looking Lego table in the centre. Not too expensive, good food and coffee, chipper service, only advice would be to perhaps expand the range little. So far so good…

Four Corners café on Urbanspoon


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