Damson and Co

WP_000648Damson and Co is a small coffee shop on Brewer Street which is fairly new and very ‘of the moment’. It serves a variety of dishes that you can have at any time of the day, including boiled eggs, eggs Florentine, breakfast muffins, cheese, charcuterie, cakes and sandwiches. No Brunch served until 1, lunch until 2 and dinner after 6p.m here.  It serves Ozone roasted coffee and makes a mean flat white served in cutesy, sometimes mismatched crockery. It has an alcohol license and boasts of using British ingredients, including serving British wine (but perhaps not exclusively). The music is cool, but not too cool,  dinner party-esque in fact.  The service is dewy eyed and glossy haired and the prices not especially steep (although I think I may have lost perspective on that, having eaten out in London so often).

I love it here and have been back several times for boiled eggs served in mini jam jars (without the jam) a flat white and a stonking piece of carrot cake. It knows it’s target market well but doesn’t feel too cynical. The food is good, the coffee excellent and the atmosphere relaxed, much laptop lingering goes on in here. It is exactly what Soho needs more of, particularly as it is not a chain, and accordingly seems always to be nicely busy.

WP_000649The added bonus, of course, being that they seem to have a range of options that do not contain meat or fish, I am not using the word vegetarian because it seems silly to call two boiled eggs a vegetarian dish. However, the sandwiches appear to have a range of veggie choices using ingredients like asparagus rather than the usual cheese range.

I hope Damson and Co does well and that is spawns more like it, not identikit versions or even other branches, but other independent places serving good food and good coffee at any time of the day.
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