One o One Amersham

We went to One o One in Amersham on Saturday with my brother and sister in law as they live there. It is in the new bit not the ye olde bit. It was jolly nice. Local Italian, run by local Italians. They were twinkly of eye, kissed my sister in law, patted my brother on the back and gave away a free dessert. And the food was good too. Although I had eggs on toast so didn’t really taste the food proper, the eggs were creamy and not too done and I also had a tomato and onion salad, which was generously sized. Everyone else had pasta or pizza and it smelled and looked very appetising.

We had wine, coffee and pudding and the bill was about £20 each. The place was rammed, the place is obviously popular. It is the sort of restaurant you don’t get in London anymore really, except perhaps in the villagey bits like Stoke Newington (although I haven’t been there for a while). It’s not remotely trendy and it might not stand up to the food twitterati but people like eating there and the staff look like they enjoy working there, the rest doesn’t really matter.


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