Bob Bob Ricard

We went to Bob Bob Ricard for our 6th wedding anniversary. I wanted somewhere that was a bit of a ‘do’ but that served food we could eat (yes, vegetarian). I had been enticed by tales of Bob Bob’s opulence and the slightly bizarre menu.  Our options were a veggie burger, a tray of curries, eggs Florentine and a Vareniki which is a Russian dumpling I believe.  Not too shabby given that at the moment meat and fish are king of the restaurant scene, although there are an increasing number of places that do vegetarian menus but, much as I love my husband, I didn’t want to stump up for a £60 a head menu either. Burgers and Curry do us fine thank you, call us low rent if you will.  I had the burger and he had the tray of curries, we also had a tomato salad and a cocktail followed by a glass of wine , we didn’t make use of the champagne button which is a shame, maybe next time.

The decor is indeed opulent, you get a blue leather booth to your self, they don’t squeeze the tables in too close or move you to a smaller table if there are only two of you, it doesn’t feel squeezed if you know what I mean (unlike Kopapa, but that’s another story). The staff were attentive and yes, they mentioned a 2 hour window only after I had booked the table which is a little irritating and service was perhaps a touch quick but otherwise it was perfect for the occasion. There was slightly less champagne button fueled hedonism than I had hoped for but the bean burger was beany and carby and topped with crispy onion and served with a delicate dish of ketchup. I really did enjoy eating this kind of food in proper restaurant surroundings and Joff’s tray of curries was pronounced delicious and  served in a range of small dishes which kept him interested.

We had ice cream to finish, I had peanut butter and banana which didn’t quite work but I ordered it more out of curiosity and a nostalgic fondness for American peanut butter ice cream than with the expectation that it was going to be a winner. They did the cheesy Happy Anniversary decoration on the plate which always pleases me. It was an enjoyable evening and I will go back, perhaps when I am feeling particularly flush and in the mood for champagne.

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