We went to Kopapa on Saturday before going to see a show, as it seemed to be the perfect place for a before or after an event dinner. As I am always late to visit new restaurants, it was my first visit. Kopapa has been well reviewed and was recently voted runner up in the Best New Restaurant category in Time Out’s eating and drinking awards. On top of that it also has a fairly wide range of vegetarian options, which as anyone who reads any of this blog will know I am always whining on about as an ‘issue’ in most  restaurants.

The decor is relaxed, a sort of cafe style, with brisk and friendly service and it was busy enough to create a buzzy atmosphere. It is also one of the increasing breed of small plates restaurants, there is 1 main dish in each category (meat, vegetarian etc) and the rest are tapas size. They recommend you to order 3 of these each. And this is when the doubts started to creep in. If you order three each it is going to cost over £18 for the equivalent of a main course, which is pretty hefty seeing as it seems to present itself as a ‘casual’ all day dining place. On top of that you can’t specify the order they come in, so I had soup and croquettes and they both came at once. Eating soup at the same time as anything else doesn’t really work, and it doesn’t really make sense either. Being contrary I only ordered two dishes, Joff ordered the main, a risotto. A lot of the other tapas dishes were fritters of one kind or another and he didn’t fancy a fritter. The fritters were nice, stodgy but tasty, the soup was fine, but  not hot enough and the risotto was also a bit lukewarm and a little meagre. In fact if you look at the picture on the left you will see the sum total of our main courses, add a banana tarte tatin between us and two glasses of Prosecco and that was it. The bill came to £50, and we were both still hungry. £50 for soup, risotto and 4 croquettes! No salad, no bread and no sides. I don’t mind spending money on food and have happily spent more than this and felt as if it was worth every penny but I have to say I felt a little cheated, and that tends to sour a dinner a little.  The food was ok, but nothing more than that and for the price it should have been. Maybe I don’t really get Kopapa and am starting to resent the small plates shtick which mean you get less food, order more dishes, pay more and don’t always get what you actually want to eat.

Kopapa on Urbanspoon

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