Bermondsey Kitchen

So Bermondsey Kitchen is closing. This is a shame as it is my local and I am very fond of it. It has not been as popular with critics and bloggers as it is with me and with the arrival of Zucca it’s days were certainly numbered. However I will miss it, the menu changed daily and it always had 2 veggie choices, which very rarely involved risotto. Jose Pizarro, previously of Brindisa, now of Jose in Bermondsey street, is opening a Spanish restaurant called Pizarro on the Bermondsey kitchen site. I should be happy, I like food and love new restaurants, particularly local ones, however Spanish food is not known to be especially vegetarian friendly and I don’t want yet another local restaurant that only offers me 1 dish, as does Zucca, however adored it may be. Anyway here’s hoping it will leave me some choice and it will become my new local favourite. It also promises a cava bar and that is never a bad thing. Bermondsey is becoming buzzy, here’s hoping it stays local friendly.

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