Eggs in Vienna

These are some boiled eggs we ate for lunch in Vienna. We tend to over rely on eggs for lunch when we are away, particularly if propelled into a hunger panic due to cold weather, unfamiliarity with good, vegetarian friendly, lunch spots and a reluctance to eat a large schnitzel. Although, as Joff says, who would ever find out…


2 responses

  1. One thing that pretty much all southern German/Austrian restaurants offer is a “Gemueseteller” or a vegetable plate. Particularly the schnitzel places! I was an exchange student in Austria for a year and have spent a lot of time in Bayern and Tirol since then, and I always fine myself loving Schnitzel at first, but getting tired of it after the sixth time or so. Which is when I shift to the Gemueseteller!

  2. That’s a handy hint, thanks. There are quite a few good vegetarian restuarants there too but good to know about the veg plate. I did love Vienna generally, the coffee is excellent.

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