Having started baking bread as a sort of antidote to work frustration, although I only worked out the connection after I had started making the bread, I am now making sourdoung. This means I have a gloopy smelling mixture, my sourdough starter, living in the fridge which I use to make the loaves. The loaf in the picture on the left is, I think, my finest loaf moment so far. I initially used Nigella’s Domestic Goddess recipe which looked fairly good but didn’t taste sourdoughy enough. I then moved onto Andrew Whitley’s Bread Matters which tasted fantastic but was only an inch high. For this loaf I used a combination of both recipes and it almost made the perfect loaf. I say almost, as it did have a large crack along the top, which doesn’t impact on the taste but doesn’t look very pretty. Anyway, I am proud of it, even if it does take 12 hours to make.


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