Dishoom is a reconstruction, or reinvention, of a Bombay Cafe, run by Persian immigrants in bombay when it was still Bombay. It is in Covent Garden, next to Jamie’s Italian and is a welcome addition to the restaurant scene there. The decor is fantastic, cool tiled floors and dark wooden furniture designed to make you feel exotic and reminiscent of a time and a place that you most probably never knew (there is a lot of that around at the moment). It is also a modern restaurant so has an open kitchen and sparklingly clean surfaces.

The menu is designed tapas style so that you order whatever you want and it comes whenever it is ready, which luckily for us was roughly in the order that we wanted to eat it in. The food is sort of Anglo Indian and I say sort of as I don’t want to put anyone off. Prices are very reasonable (our meal came to £26 with 5 dishes, a pudding, 2 juices and a tea). We ate vegetable samosas, vegetable Bhaji which was mashed vegetables with what looked like griddled english muffins, daal, Ruby Murry (vegetable Curry), rice and a pineapple and mango crumble.

All of the food was freshly cooked and well spiced, the pudding in particular was excellent, the crumble had plenty of cinnamon and brown sugar and also had lots of seeds in it which gave it extra crunch. The black daal was lovely and smoky and worryingly creamy (worryingly only because I fear for my arteries, nothing to do with taste). There were nice touches throughout such as the tea being served in a glass tumbler with a mini tumbler of milk on the side. I drank Fever Tree ginger beer which was lovely and spicy and very refreshing.

The food was served quickly and it  is set up like a cafe so is probably more suited to a meal with a group of friends or a pre or post event meal rather than a long and langourous romatic dinner. I have had some disappointing dinners out recently so this was a bit of a relief; good service, good food and reasonable prices. Thank you Dishoom.
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