Hummingbird Bakery

The Hummingbird Bakery is an American import, a boutique style cup cake shop come cafe which has 3 branches in London. The shop sells cup cakes, slices of cakes, pies and something called Whoopie Pies which I haven’t yet tasted. It is kitted out to appeal to the customer’s feminine side, all pinks and reds with bar style stools set up against a dark wooden ledge for three quarters of the shop and a couple of bijou tables and chairs in one corner.  It seems to be part of a New york theme setting up in Soho recently consisting of restaurants centring around a single food stuff – noodles, pizza, cup cakes, frozen yoghut etc.

We went to the Wardour Street branch in a sort of hit and run moment. We had eaten lunch somewhere else, I can’t remember where, but still had a cake shaped hole to fill. I have wanted to go there for a while, the deep pink and velvety decor drawing me in several times just to look at the shiny pretty cakes. This time I stepped in and Joff actually followed, in what seemed like a couple of seconds we had ordered a cup cake each, he had Carrot and I had Red Velvet. A cup cake, for those who don’t know is primarily about the icing, of which there is a lot. The icing was predictably sickly sweet but deeply delicious, the red velevet cake itself was actually pretty good too, managing to hold a nice vanilla flavour of it’s own and remain pretty moist. I loved mine and Joff ate almost every morsel of his before saying it was too sweet, which I knew he was going to say but thought it would happen sooner. Anyway we both left happy and would both return. The cup cakes cost from £1.75 to £2.25 each.
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