Ice Cream in Eastbourne

We went to visit my Step son in Eastbourne and had to have ice cream as we were beside the sea side, even though it was pouring with rain. We went to Fusciardi’s, which is apparently an institution in Eastbourne. It is a delightfully old fashioned place, a proper ice cream parlour, with deco windows and black and white tiling. The branch we went to also did food and was full of people sitting in damp clothes polishing off fish and chips. We went straight for the ice cream which is served in metal sundae bowls and generally given the attention it deserves. Each one comes with a teddy bear shaped wafer and you can of course have strawberry or chocolate sauce if you wish. They also have a Mr Whippy machine and 2 of us went for the whippy stuff whch they enjoyed. I had coffee, which was creamy but served in proper scoops and had little bitter choclate flecks in it, which I love. It was not expensive, the flavours were not exotic and it definitely wasn’t Gelato, but this is Eastbourne and there are some traditions worth holding on to, so, having eaten the ce cream we went for a walk along the sea front in the rain. 


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