London Review Cake Shop

The London Review of Books has a bookshop, on Bury street next to the British Museum, and the Bookshop has a Cakeshop, which is actually more of a cafe. I have only recently discovered both the bookshop and the cakeshop and visited for lunch today. It was busy, but we didn’t have to wait long and it isn’t too much hardship to wait in a bookshop.

The cafe is light and airy with what looked like a substantial amount of outdoor seating and the clientele is exactly what you would expect in this location, people eating alone and writing in artfully scruffy journals or reading tricky looking tomes and groups in glasses having lively conversation.

The food consists of sandwiches, quiche, salad and lots of cake. Joff had an egg sandwich (at leats he is consistent) and I had goats cheese on toast. We both had coffeee,  monmouth coffee which was, as expected, very good. The egg sandwich was apparently delicious (9 out of 10 in fact) in nicely heavy wholemeal bread. My goats cheese on toast was excellent, not too much goats cheese but very good quality and served with a beetroot salad which was really, really fresh and a perfect compliment to the cheese, and I don’t even like beetroot that much.  We shared a slice of cherry tart which was rich with crumbly pastry and left happy. The whole thing cost £16, my cheese on toas was £6 and I can’t remember how much the egg sandwich was, so it isn’t cheap but then it isn’t likely to be considering the setting.

I will definitely return, the service was efficient but I think we somehow managed to upset the waitress by not obeying her intial instruction to wait on the sofa in the bookshop so she was a little sour, but still efficient so not really problematic.

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