Kitchen Italia

Walking around Seven Dials today we came across Kitchen Italia on Earlham Street, next to the Donmar Warehouse Theatre. Apparently they already have abranch in Westfield but given the choice I would always choose the restaurant not based in a Shopping Centre, although this one is in a basement. We didn’t go in as we had already had lunch and it was too early for dinner, however it looked fresh and bright inside with wooden floors, friendly staff and long tables, some with bench seating. It serves fresh pasta, a small selection of meats from the grill with small pizzas as a side dish. I think the basic idea is fresh, simple, reasonably priced food (a main pasta dish ranges form £6.95 to £9.95) which is aimed at the pre or post theatre crowd without actually being fast food. IT has more of a cafe atmosphere rather than a place to go for a long, leisurely dinner. It is a good idea, especially being based in, or close to, the heart of theatre land and I would be interested to see if they pull it off. According to the waiter they have been open for only 2 months and didn’t look especially busy. I intend to go there the next time I am in Covent Garden to see a show (can’t do pasta for lunch) and will report back.


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