veggie restaurant

222 Veggie Vegan is a vegetarian (No!) restuarant near west Brompton tube. We went there last Friday for the first time. The food is great, fresh and not the usual veggie food trying to be meaty food, no vegetarian lasagne or fake sausages (although I do like those), except for a token burger. I had crispy pancakes with abrocolli and some kind of cheesy tofu filling, which I am doing a poor job of describing but which tasted good, not in small part due to an excellent rich tomato sauce. The puddings were delicious, we had banana and walnut cake with vanilla ice cream. All the food is home made, no heatng up or buying in and is reasonably priced. The only slightly less than rosy thing about it all was the decor. If you are familiar with veggie restaurants then you will know that there seems ot be a connection between veggie food and bare neutral walls, pine furniture, folksy easy listening music and overly tall, thin owl like waiting staff. Surely there must be an opening somewhere for a decadent vegetarian restuarant, all red velvet and purple walls. Who says you can’t eat tofu whilst listeneing to pink floyd!?


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  1. I liked this restaurant. It is comparable to Mildreds in fact the menu was more interesting. The decor could do with a spruce up – bit of a cafe really.

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